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Art Solutions works with architects, designers and facility managers in deciding the best art program for each client.

We help you to determine a budget, select the art, place, frame and install.

Our artwork includes: original works on canvas or paper, photography, limited editions, giclees, prints on demand, reproductions, special commissions, sculptures, textiles, historical montages and/or product information walls.

Specialty projects and commissions are available for site-specific artwork, such as: history walls, themed art, sculpture, mobiles, murals, custom photography, 3-D wall sculpture, etc.

As a consulting firm, we are able to research and fill special requests tailored to your specific artwork needs without bias.

Due to our vast network of artists, representatives, specialty designers and dealers, we can offer you a variety of art in a range of budgets. Art Solutions can also offer investment quality art for those who want to start or expand their collections.


Debbi Schonberger-Pierce

Senior Art Consultant, Principal

Debbi has been a professional art consultant since 1995. She studied art at University of Vermont and then graduated with an undergraduate degree from Syracuse University in advertising and a master’s degree from NYU in Art Education.

After working as a preschool teacher and an art consultant for another firm, Debbi decided to branch out on her own in 2005.   Being both artist and businesswoman, she was able to use her love of art and utilize her business skills to pursue curating and selling artwork to corporations, health care facilities, hospitality and private collectors.

Debbi uses her personal emphasis on researching the right artist, image, and medium to accommodate each client’s individual needs.  Debbi’s inspiration for her research stems from her travels both near and far. Art fairs and galleries in New York, trips to Europe, and even to trips to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro and the Annapurna Sanctuary in Nepal all have their own individual beauty and pattern that is reflected in Debbi’s work. Debbi uses her creativity and inspiration to further curate, design, enhance, and beautify the perfect spaces for her clients.  

Debbi lives in Manhattan with her husband Derek, and two young daughters along with her dog and two cats.  She is an avid skier. Other passions include anything outdoors including hiking, biking, travel and photography.


Jane St. Lifer

Senior Art Appraiser, ASA

The Senior Appraiser, Jane St. Lifer has been with Art Solutions for 18 years bringing 36 years of experience in the international art world. Ms. St. Lifer with the Art Solutions team appraises 19th and 20th-century art, including paintings, prints, posters, photographs, and sculptures by American, European, Israeli, Japanese, Chinese, Latin American, and Russian artists. 



Michael Paquette

Art Consultant & Art Installer

Art Consultant, OSHA Certified Installer & On-site Field Coordinator. Mike has 20 years of experience in both residential and commercial art as an art consultant, curator, and professional art handler. He is well versed in the emerging art scene, having owned a contemporary art gallery for numerous years. His experience also includes professional picture framing . Mike is also an accomplished musician with a degree from Berkley College of Music. He also has extensive knowledge of the current contemporary art market. Other related experience includes building and construction as well as project management.

The Process

We see the project through from development of your art program to installation.  The process of developing an art acquisition program is listed below.

  • Engage

    We will meet to determine your art needs, goals and tastes.

  • Review

    Review blueprints or actual site to determine art placement.

  • How much?

    Establish budget.

  • Present

    Create an initial Art Presentation, either through actually bringing art to your office or PowerPoint.

  • Finesse

    Finessing Art Presentation and Work towards Final Art Selection

  • Framing

    Determine Framing Options and oversee Framing

  • Complete

    Deliver and install


A basic trend in our current marketplace has been tailored to site-specific artwork.  This includes supporting the local community, by either using local artists or art representing the locale of which it is situated.  This could be done in a historical or contemporary way.

Art Solutions specializes in extensive research to tailor the artwork to your needs.

Case Study


An example is Capital One Bank.  Each bank branch wanted to be specific to their local community.  We always found a theme that told specifically about each area. 

For example, in Bensonhurst Brooklyn, we commissioned an artist to illustrate the famous annual Santa Rosalia Feast.  We then had it printed on plexi to give the front of their teller stations a unique design and story. 

In another branch located in West New York, NJ we played on the history of the area.  It was once known as the “Lace Making Capital of the World”  We had an artist create an abstract work to fit behind the teller based on actual lace patterns from local factories.  Then we displayed photographs of the factories on the opposite side of the branch.


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